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Dave I just want to say thank you for looking after me when I was recovering from injuries. You always made me feel strong.
— Theo Walcott

Thanks for everything Dave.
— Thierry Henry
Besides being a nice person Dave is a good physio as well. I wish you all the best for the future Dave. I hope it works out well.
— Dennis Bergkamp
It’s important to feel in good hands when you’re injured and with Dave you certainly are. He sees each person as an individual and make sure they received the necessary treatment. Best of luck Walesy and thanks for your help over the years. Top man!
— Moritz Volz
Great physio and a great man. It was a pleasure working with you.
— Ashley Cole
Dave thanks for taking care of my injuries. You are a great physio and an excellent person! Obrigado!
— Paulinho Nagamura
In a nutshell I would recommend David to anyone who was looking for a top class professional and thoroughly competent physiotherapist.
— Tony Adams MBE
Dave Wales is just an outstanding physio. Dedicated, professional and extremely passionate about physiotherapy.
— Chris Powell
Thanks Dave for taking care of all my injuries. You always have a solution.
— Havard Nordtveit
Dave thanks for all the help, support and fun. You make a difficult time as enjoyable as it can be. Brilliant physio.
— Kem Izzet
I cannot speak too highly of the professional care I have received; a combination of the right exercises carefully and patiently explained. Thanks Dave for everything.
— Benik Afobe
Dave was always very helpful, the top physio and a great guy whenever needed when I was playing!
— Ray Parlour
It was a pleasure working with you. Great man. Best wishes Dave.
— Paul Konchesky
Dave supported and assisted me through some injuries during my time as a youth team player at Charlton Athletic. I always got the correct treatment which allowed me to get back on the pitch during a crucial development period for young player. I would highly recommend Dave.
— Michael Turner
Dave provided me with excellent support with my recovery and rehabilitation whilst injured. Excellent physio who would go above and beyond. Great man in general.
— Nico Yennaris
David it was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for everything.
— Julio Baptista
David Wales has done simply brilliant work in working out why my lower back was seizing up, and helping me to reactivate the (long neglected) muscles needed to stop this. With a staged programme of exercises I could feel constant steady progress, and feel I was contributing to my recovery. Fantastic stuff!

— Sara E
I had physio sessions with David Wales after shoulder surgery. He was simply excellent. The exercises he gave me were always perfectly suited, in line with my progress in recovering my strength and motions of the shoulder. In addition to his expertise, Mr Wales was always flexible, extremely kind, helpful and positive (which is obviously key to get confidence back after surgery). I can now start sport again after many years of frustration or fears of dislocations. To be clear, I joined a club of Thai boxing.

— Antoine D
Had a few appointments with David Wales for a case of hip FAI. Was quite worried on my first appointment but David took the time to understand my side of the story as opposed to only rely on what my scan was showing. It took 3 appointments and a range of exercises to do at home to help with my hip. Happy to say that since then my condition has improved a lot and I’ve been able to go back to sport as normal.

— Mathieu C
I had a very successful consultation and rehabilitation programme with David Wales. A recurrent ankle issue which suffered a trauma was dealt with thoroughly. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, though I hope it’s not too soon!

— Ed S
I was referred to my physio David Wales who I found to be very professional and knowledgeable about the treatment required to get me back to normal as soon as possible. Four months on and I have found myself back in the gym and on track for a full recovery. Having been treated for various sporting injuries by about a dozen physios in the past decade, I’d have to say that David is one of the best I’ve come across so would highly recommend him.

— Craig W
David Wales provided me with first class treatment for my neck pain - his diagnostic skills were faultless and the treatment I received from him has been enormously effective.

— Lyndsey
I’ve had absolute confidence in the care and advice I’ve received from David Wales for an ACL and MCL injury and can highly recommend him.

— Jane M
I went to David Wales after a knee replacement. He was always very encouraging and enabled movement in my knee that I thought I would never achieve. I thoroughly recommend him.

— PP
David Wales is a fantastic physio. I recommend him highly.

— John F
David Wales has guided me through my recovery and is the best physio that I’ve had. He is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain how best to train and recover.

— Iain T
I had a knee injury when I played football. I saw a couple of physios but they could not find a way to solve my issue. Within the first 10 minutes of our appointment, David found my issue and gave me a 3 month plan to solve it.
The great thing as well is that he is doing supervised gym sessions to strengthen your knee and build your confidence back. I would truly recommend him!

— Loic D
After tearing my ACL, David Wales has been the main reason I have been able to recover as quickly as I have, he is a sports injury specialist and week after week set me manageable and achievable goals. He has helped build my confidence and talked me through each stage of recovery, both before and after surgery, I highly recommend the treatment I have received.

— Sophie H
I recently had a consultation with David Wales following an injury I picked up in my lower back. David very quickly understood my injury and using various different treatments, including acupuncture, he was able to successfully treat the problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending David.

— Adam S
Top notch treatment from the very knowledgeable David Wales. I broke my leg last year and after two operations required regular physio. I was pleased to find such expertise with David having rehabilitated professional footballers from the same injury. Highly recommended.

— Oliver P