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sports injury treatment

If you've sustained a sports injury, North London Physiotherapy can provide expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment to get you back to your best as safely and quickly as possible. We have have post-graduate certification in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and twenty years experience working with elite level professional athletes from around the world. We apply this experience to help you get the best possible recovery from your injury. Your goals are equally important to us and we'll listen to your requirements before agreeing a treatment plan with you. At North London Physiotherapy we have a holistic approach to your well being. We don’t just treat an ankle sprain or a knee or shoulder pain. We are experts in movement analysis, biomechanics and movement optimisation. As well as helping to resolve your pain we will explain risk factors that contributed to your injury and we will work with you to improve movement control, body alignment and joint stability during everyday and sporting activity to ensure that you ‘Move and feel better’™. Email to find out how we can help you. 

pre and post orthopaedic surgery

If you have forthcoming orthopaedic surgery such as a joint replacement or a knee arthroscopy then your experience and the outcome can be improved by having pre-hab physiotherapy. We'll explain what will happen during and after your surgery and after doing an assessment we will give you specific exercises to prepare you for the operation. Our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience working with the leading orthopaedic surgeons in London, mainland Europe and the United States. We have worked with elite level athletes in high profile orthopaedic trauma cases including ankle fractures, ACL ruptures, shoulder dislocations, spinal stress fractures and disc problems as well as multi-ligament trauma and we have successfully rehabbed these athletes back to the highest level of competition. We also work with non-athletes and older individuals who are undergoing elective surgery for sub-acromial decompression, meniscal repair or resection, hip and knee joint replacement as well as foot and ankle surgery. We'll be with you through the rehabilitation process to ensure that you make the best possible recovery. Tell us how we can help with your rehab by emailing

neurological physiotherapy

North London Physiotherapy’s Advanced Bobath trained neuro physiotherapists have an in-depth knowledge of movement control and dysfunction and are experts in the assessment of mobility, movement and balance in clients with a neurological problem such as a stroke or brain injury. Neuro-Physiotherapy aims to address any symptoms of weakness, sensory loss, reduced coordination and spasticity that you may be experiencing by using hands-on therapy to improve your postural awareness and improve your pattern of movement. Regular neuro-physiotherapy sessions can provide a dramatic improvement in functional ability and quality of life. Our neurological physiotherapists  work with the leading neurologists in London and are able to liaise with your specialist in order to design a personalised treatment plan to manage your symptoms so that you can maximise your improvement and make longer term gains. We aim to help our clients to achieve their highest level of function with the best quality of movement possible, in order for you to ‘Move and feel better’™. To find out more please email


We voluntarily run an MS Exercising Together Class in partnership with the MS Society, for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The class is supervised by Sumi Mendis, who is a clinical specialist physiotherapist previously at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square. After a one-to-one assessment of current functional and fitness levels, class members are prescribed an exercise programme that is tailored to their individual needs whether that is improving balance, strength or cardio fitness. Specialist equipment is provided by North London Physiotherapy. Class members can then exercise at an appropriate  pace under the supervision of a specialist neuro-physiotherapist and fitness trainers. The class is a stimulating and supportive environment in which to improve your fitness.

MS Exercise Classes are every Thursday (during term time only) 12.30-1.30pm, then a second group 1.30-2.30pm. The cost is £4 per class to cover venue hire. This class is limited to 8 attendees. To book your place, please call Sumi Mendis 07958 924 721 or email

physiotherapy home visits

Our specialist neurological physiotherapists routinely provide home visits during which their expert physiotherapy treatment will optimise the recovery of a client who has had a stroke, head injury or has a neurological condition. These home based sessions will improve movement control and physical performance. In the early stages of recovery following a stroke or traumatic brain injury mobility may be affected and it is more practical for a physiotherapist to visit the client's home. In addition to hands on treatment to facilitate recovery of the neurological patient our specialist neuro-physiotherapists will advise on positioning and liaise with carers and family members to ensure that everything is being done to help the recovery. The added benefit of supervised rehab in the client's home is that we can work on the functional activities that the person needs to do most often during everyday life, such as transfers in and out of bed or a chair and later as they progress they'll be able to practice functional activities and stair climbing under the supervision of our expert physiotherapists. For details on how we can help please email


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy treats any problem with your muscles, joints, bones, discs, nerves, ligaments and tendons. We can help you if you have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shin pain, foot pain or knee pain. We'll make an in-depth assessment of your posture and movement patterns and then look at lifestyle habits, exercise and sports activities in order to explain the underlying cause of your problem. We will then provide a treatment plan which may utilise electrotherapy, acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapy, corrective exercises as part of your recovery. Whether your goal is to sit without discomfort, manage stairs without pain or improve your sporting performance, by working with the specialist physiotherapists at North London Physiotherapy your pain or injury will become an opportunity for you to correct muscle imbalances, improve posture, gain functional muscle strength and understand your body better. This will reduce the risk of developing problems in the future and will enable you to ‘Move and feel better’ ™. Start feeling better today by emailing

strength & conditioning / Long term athlete development

Our specialist physiotherapists have additional post-graduate qualification in Strength and Conditioning. We have applied our knowledge of strength training, weight-training, power-lifting, plyometric training, speed and agility training, core stability training, flexibility training and cardiovascular fitness training with world-class professional athletes in order to optimise their physical performance and reduce their injury risk. We are experts in movement and gait analysis and we're able to explain what is happening when you move and run from a biomechanics perspective. We are able to apply this expertise to your rehabilitation process or to intervene with a periodised training programme to reduce injury risk and improve your physical performance. We have an in-depth knowledge of physiological, psychological and social development in children, adolescents and young adults in sport and have an enviable record in long term athlete development in football, with five clients progressing from academy level to become senior England internationals. To reduce your injury risk and improve your physical performance contact

office / home office ergonomics

Technology continues to change the way we work and spend our leisure time. While there are many benefits we must be aware of the potential hazards of our modern lifestyles. We are spending an increasing amount of time looking at screens and this is often done in sub-optimal positions that can place a prolonged stress on our tissues. Screen viewing is often combined with sitting which has real negative affects on our tissue and overall health. This can result in maladapted and painful muscles and joints, reduced joint and soft tissue mobility; impaired circulation and digestion which can increase your risk of heart attack, developing diabetes or cancer. Our expert physiotherapists have experience in workstation assessments for corporate clients in the City of London and provide recommendations in accordance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations. While these regulations apply to our work place, the home office is often non-compliant, especially when using a laptop. We can help you optimise your home office set-up to reduce the risk of developing health problems. For details email